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Incidents involved as Developer

Incident 63230 Reports
Significant Increase in Deepfake Nudes of Taylor Swift Circulating on Social Media


AI-generated sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift circulated on X, garnering over 45 million views before removal. Originating from a Telegram group, these deepfakes challenge content moderation, as X's policies against synthetic media and nonconsensual nudity were violated.


Incident 6131 Report
AI-Generated Images Available through Adobe Stock Misrepresent Real-World Events


AI-generated images available through Adobe Stock, depicting realistic but fictional scenes of real-world events like wars and protests, have raised significant ethical concerns. These images blurred the lines between reality and fiction in journalistic contexts, prompting Adobe Stock to "crack down on AI-generated images that seem to depict real, newsworthy events and take new steps to prevent its images from being used in misleading ways."


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