Incident 564: Voice deepfake targets bank in failed transfer scam

Description: In spring 2023, Florida investor Clive Kabatznik became the target of an advanced scam attempt involving a voice deepfake mimicking his own voice. The fraudulent caller, using AI-generated speech, contacted Kabatznik's Bank of America representative in an unsuccessful attempt to deceive the banker into transferring funds to a different account.


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Alleged: unknown developed an AI system deployed by scammers, which harmed Clive Kabatznik and Bank of America.

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Sean McGregor

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Voice Deepfakes Are Coming for Your Bank Balance · 2023

This spring, Clive Kabatznik, an investor in Florida, called his local Bank of America representative to discuss a big money transfer he was planning to make. Then he called again.

Except the second phone call wasn’t from Mr. Kabatznik. Rat…


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