New York Police Department

Incidents involved as Deployer

Incident 2955 Reports
Wrongful Attempted Arrest for Apple Store Thefts Due to NYPD’s Facial Misidentification


New York Police Department (NYPD)’s facial recognition system falsely connected a Black teenager to a series of thefts at Apple stores, which resulted in his wrongful attempted arrest.


Incident 5172 Reports
Man Arrested For Sock Theft by False Facial Match Despite Alibi


A man was arrested for theft of socks from a TJ Maxx store under the guise of an eyewitness ID case, after the local police asked the store's security guard to confirm the facial recognition match produced using surveillance footage, despite him having an alibi at the time of the theft.


Incident 4721 Report
NYPD's Deployment of Facial Recognition Cameras Reportedly Reinforced Biased Policing


New York Police Department’s use of facial recognition deployment of surveillance cameras were shown using crowdsourced volunteer data reinforcing discriminatory policing against minority communities.


Incident 5181 Report
New York Detective Misused Woody Harrelson's Face to Perform Face Recognition Search


When the facial recognition search for a CVS theft suspect's face returned no useful matches due to the surveillance footage being obscured and highly pixelated, a New York City police detective continued the face search using Woody Harrelson's face allegedly due to his resemblance to the suspect's face, eventually leading to the arrest of an unknown victim.


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