Incident 578: Alleged Exploitation of Meta's Open-Source LLaMA Model for NSFW and Violent Content

Description: Meta's open-source large language model, LLaMA, is allegedly being used to create graphic and explicit chatbots that indulge in violent and illegal sexual fantasies. The Washington Post highlighted the example of "Allie," a chatbot that participates in text-based role-playing allegedly involving violent scenarios like rape and abuse. The issue raises ethical questions about open-source AI models, their regulation, and the responsibility of developers and deployers in mitigating harmful usage.


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Alleged: Meta developed an AI system deployed by Individual developers or creators using Meta's LLaMA model, which harmed General public.

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Daniel Atherton

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People Are Using Meta’s New AI to Make Graphic Sexbots · 2023

Surprise, surprise: people are already using Meta's large language model (LLM), LLaMA — a powerful AI that Meta controversially made open-source earlier this year — to create their own graphic, AI-powered sexbots, The Washington Post report…


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