Incident 577: Bankrate's Resumption of AI-Generated Content Allegedly Continuing to Produce Inaccurate and Misleading Information

Description: Bankrate, and its sister site CNET, both owned by Red Ventures, resumed publishing AI-generated articles claiming thorough human fact-checking. However, new articles are alleged to contain numerous factual errors, including inaccurate statistics and misleading information. Despite public criticism, the company defended its use of AI and blamed out-of-date datasets for the errors. In addition to the errors, the incident raises questions about the ethical use of AI in journalism, especially given the company's insistence on "fact-checked" content.


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Alleged: Red Ventures and Bankrate developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Journalistic integrity and General public.

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Daniel Atherton
Bankrate Posts AI-Generated Article, Deletes It When We Point Out It's Full of Errors · 2023

The finance site Bankrate has started publishing AI-generated articles again, and it insists that this time they've been meticulously fact-checked by a human journalist before being published.

"This article was generated using automation te…


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