Incidents involved as both Developer and Deployer

Incident 2937 Reports
Cruise’s Self-Driving Car Involved in a Multiple-Injury Collision at an San Francisco Intersection


A Cruise autonomous vehicle was involved in a crash at an intersection in San Francisco when making a left turn in front of a Toyota Prius traveling in an opposite direction, which caused occupants in both cars to sustain injuries.


Incident 1755 Reports
Cruise Autonomous Taxi Allegedly Bolted off from Police After Being Pulled over in San Francisco


An autonomous Chevy Bolt operated by Cruise was pulled over in San Francisco, and as the police attempted to engage with the car, it reportedly bolted off, pulled over again, and put on its hazards lights on at a point farther down the road.


Incident 2534 Reports
Cruise's Self-Driving Cars Allegedly Lost Connection to Their Server, Causing Traffic Blockages in San Francisco


Cruise’s autonomous vehicles were shown on video stopping in the middle of the road and causing blockages in San Francisco, as they were disabled allegedly due to lost connection to their company’s server.


Incident 3894 Reports
Cruise Autonomous Car Blocked Fire Truck Responding to Emergency


A fire truck in San Francisco responding to a fire was blocked from passing a doubled-parked garbage truck by a self-driving Cruise car on the opposing lane which stayed put and did not reverse to clear the lane.


Incidents Harmed By

Incident 4273 Reports
Cruise Taxis' Sudden Braking Allegedly Put People at Risk


Cruise's autonomous taxis slowed suddenly, braked, and were hit from behind, allegedly becoming unexpected roadway obstacles and potentially putting passengers and other people at risk.


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