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Incident 3324 Reports
Google Image Showed Racially Biased Results for “Professional” Hairstyles


Google Image search reportedly showed disparate results along racial lines, featuring almost exclusively white women for “professional hairstyles” and black women for “unprofessional hairstyles” prompts.


Incident 5532 Reports
Google's Overview Panel for Artist Edward Hopper Featured Image Generated in His Style by AI


Google's knowledge panel for the American artist Edward Hopper featured an AI-generated image which was purportedly created in the artist's style but was not one of his works, the image of which was removed soon after.


Incident 5541 Report
Google Results for Johannes Vermeer Featured AI Version of His Artwork as Top Result


Google's search engine featured an AI-generated hyperrealistic version of the painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring" as the highlighted result when users search for its Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.


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