Incident 576: Alleged Misuse of PicSo AI for Generating Inappropriate Content Emphasizing "Girls"

Description: PicSo AI, which appears to be getting advertised by Meta over Instagram, is allegedly being used for generating inappropriate content with an emphasis on "girls." This raises concerns about the misuse of generative AI technologies for creating offensive and potentially sexually explicit material that could be used for nefarious and criminal purposes.


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Alleged: PicSo AI developed an AI system deployed by Meta and Instagram, which harmed Potentially exploited groups , General public and Consumers.

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Daniel Atherton

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Untitled LinkedIn post · 2023

Truly disgusting PicSo_ ai, and thanks Meta/Instagram for advertising it right along with my NBA and F1 memes.

Obviously #generativeAI is going to devolve into all kinds of pornography applications, but Picso's emphasis on "girls" is quite …


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