Incidents involved as both Developer and Deployer

Incident 3520 Reports
Employee Automatically Terminated by Computer Program


An employee was laid off, allegedly by an artificially intelligent personnel system, and blocked from access to the building and computer systems without their knowledge.


Incident 1744 Reports
Fake LinkedIn Profiles Created Using GAN Photos


More than a thousand inauthentic LinkedIn profiles using allegedly GAN-generated photos were notified by researchers at Stanford to LinkedIn’s staff, and many of which were removed for violating rules against creating fake profiles and falsifying information.


Incident 2432 Reports
Bots Allegedly Made up Roughly Half of Twitter Accounts in Discussions Surrounding COVID-19 Related Issues


Bots by anonymous actors were found by researchers to make up roughly half of Twitter accounts participating in COVID-19 discussions, many of which posted tweets about “reopening America“.


Incident 1581 Report
Facial Recognition in Remote Learning Software Reportedly Failed to Recognize a Black Student’s Face


A Black student's face was not recognized by the remote-proctoring software during check-in of a lab quiz, causing her to excessively change her environments for it to work as intended.


Incindents Harmed By

Incident 4128 Reports
All Image Captions Produced are Violent


MIT Media Lab researchers create AI-powered "psychopath" named Norman by training a model on "dark corners" of Reddit.


Incident 852 Reports
AI attempts to ease fear of robots, blurts out it can’t ‘avoid destroying humankind’


On September 8, 2020, the Guardian published an op-ed generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3 text generating AI that included threats to destroy humankind.


Incidents involved as Developer

Incident 3129 Reports
Driverless Train in Delhi Crashes due to Braking Failure


A driverless metro train in Delhi, India crashed during a test run due to faulty brakes.


Incident 43015 Reports
Lawyers Denied Entry to Performance Venue by Facial Recognition


Lawyers were barred from entry to Madison Square Garden after a facial recognition system matched them as employed by a law firm currently engaged in litigation with the venue.


Incident 6912 Reports
Worker killed by robot in welding accident at car parts factory in India


A factory robot at the SKH Metals Factory in Manesar, India pierced and killed 24-year-old worker Ramji Lal when Lal reached behind the machine to dislodge a piece of metal stuck in the machine.


Incident 19512 Reports
Predictive Policing Program by Florida Sheriff’s Office Allegedly Violated Residents’ Rights and Targeted Children of Vulnerable Groups


The Intelligence-Led Policing model rolled out by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office was allegedly developed based on flawed science and biased data that also contained sensitive information and irrelevant attributes about students, which critics said to be discriminatory.


Incidents involved as Deployer

Incident 1201 Report
Philosophy AI Allegedly Used To Generate Mixture of Innocent and Harmful Reddit Posts


Philosopher AI, a GPT-3-powered controversial text generator, was allegedly used by an anonymous actor on AskReddit subreddit, whose posts featured a mixture of harmless stories, conspiracy theories, and sensitive topic discussions.


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