Incident 621: Microsoft AI Is Alleged to Have Generated Violent Imagery of Minorities and Public Figures

Description: Microsoft’s AI Image Creator, integrated with Bing and Windows Paint, produced disturbingly violent and graphic images featuring members of minority groups and public figures like Joe Biden and Pope Francis.


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Daniel Atherton
4chan users are generating images with Nazi imagery and other “propaganda” via Microsoft Bing’s AI tool · 2023

Content warning: This article contains numerous examples of bigoted rhetoric.

Users on the far-right message board site 4chan have used Bing's AI image generator to create numerous images promoting Nazi imagery and "propaganda" seemingly de…

Microsoft says its AI is safe. So why does it keep slashing people’s throats? · 2023

The pictures are horrifying: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Pope Francis with their necks sliced open. There are Sikh, Navajo and other people from ethnic-minority groups with internal organs spilling out of flayed skin.

The i…

Microsoft's AI Dilemma – Safe, Yet Creating Disturbing Imagery? · 2023

In a chilling revelation, Microsoft's artificial intelligence, touted as safe and integrated into everyday software, is under scrutiny for generating gruesome and violent images. The concern centers around Image Creator, a part of Microsoft…


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