Incident 1: Google’s YouTube Kids App Presents Inappropriate Content

Description: YouTube’s content filtering and recommendation algorithms exposed children to disturbing and inappropriate videos.


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Alleged: YouTube developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Children.

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Sean McGregor

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The content filtering system for YouTube's children's entertainment app, which incorporated algorithmic filters and human reviewers, failed to screen out inappropriate material, exposing an unknown number of children to videos that included sex, drugs, violence, profanity, and conspiracy theories. Many of the videos, which apparently numbered in the thousands, closely resembled popular children's cartoons such as Peppa Pig, but included disturbing or age-inappropriate content. Additional filters provided by YouTube, such as a "restricted mode" filter, failed to block all of these videos, and YouTube's recommendation algorithm recommended them to child viewers, increasing the harm. The problem was reported as early as 2015 and was ongoing through 2018.

Short Description

YouTube’s content filtering and recommendation algorithms exposed children to disturbing and inappropriate videos.



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Psychological harm

AI System Description

"A content filtering system incorporating machine learning algorithms and human reviewers. The system was meant to screen out videos that were unsuitable for children to view or that violated YouTube's terms of service. These videos were initially collected either algorithmically or on the basis of user reports. A recommendation system that suggested videos to viewers based on their viewing history on the platform."

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Arts, entertainment and recreation

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Perception, Cognition, Action

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machine learning

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content filtering, decision support, curation, recommendation engine



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Google, YouTube, YouTube Kids

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Google, YouTube

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Known AI Goal

Content Recommendation, Content Search, Hate Speech Detection, NSFW Content Detection

Known AI Technology

Content-based Filtering, Collaborative Filtering

Potential AI Technology

Classification, Ensemble Aggregation, Distributional Learning

Known AI Technical Failure

Tuning Issues, Lack of Adversarial Robustness, Adversarial Data

Potential AI Technical Failure

Concept Drift, Generalization Failure, Misconfigured Aggregation, Distributional Bias, Misaligned Objective


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