AI Incident Roundup – February ‘24

Posted 2024-03-07 by Janet Schwartz.

Our month-in-review newsletter recapping new incidents in the AI Incident Database and looking at the trends.

🗄 Featured in the AIID

Did you know that we collect different types of records related to AI incidents in addition to incident reports? At TheCollab, we are not only creating a historical record of AI incidents over time, but we also aim to build a robust collection of documents and data for each incident to track the public discourse and narratives that emerge.

One example is related to the recent controversy over Google’s Gemini image generation tool. Amidst a flurry of public commentary and journalistic reports, Google issued many public responses. Our editors captured these responses and tagged each of them as an “Incident Response”, which can be visually distinguished on an incident page by looking for the light green tags. We also encourage entities involved in incidents to provide responses whether through other channels or directly through the AIID.

We aim to continue to broaden the types and number of records collected in the AIID in the effort to learn from our past and work towards a safer future.

🗞️ New Incidents

Occurring in February

  • Incident 651 (2/27/2024) Students at a Beverly Hills Middle School Allegedly Created and Shared Deepfake Nudes of Their Classmates
  • Incident 646 (2/22/2024) Snapchat's Algorithm Alleged to Link Minor with Sex Offenders
  • Incident 645 (2/21/2024) Google's Gemini AI Distorted Racial Representation in Historical Depictions
  • Incident 642 (2/20/2024) ChatGPT Glitch Disrupts User Interactions with Nonsensical Outputs
  • Incident 641 (2/20/2024) Nonconsensual Deepfake Porn of Bobbi Althoff Spreads Rapidly on X
  • Incident 644 (2/18/2024) State-Sponsored Hackers Escalate Phishing Attacks Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Incident 649 (2/14/2024) Deepfake Audio Falsely Attributes Controversial Remarks to Keir Starmer About the Rochdale Azhar Ali Crisis
  • Incident 636 (02/14/2024) AI Romance Apps Reportedly Compromise User Privacy for Data Harvesting
  • Incident 643 (2/13/2024) Deepfake Video Falsely Claims Kyiv's Assassination Plan Against President Macron
  • Incident 648 (2/7/2024) Alleged Deepfake Audio of Imran Khan Calls for Election Boycott, Misleading Pakistan Voters
  • Incident 634 (02/02/2024) Deepfake CFO Scam Costs Company $25 Million

Earlier Incidents, Newly Added

  • Incident 637 (1/31/2024) Gunshot Detection Technology ShotSpotter (now SoundThinking) Reportedly Only Has 47% Accuracy in Chicago System
  • Incident 635 (1/30/2024) AI-Generated Fake News Targets Black Celebrities on YouTube
  • Incident 640 (12/11/2023) Waymo Software Flaw Leads to Double Collision with Tow Truck
  • Incident 639 (11/11/2022) Customer Overcharged Due to Air Canada Chatbot's False Discount Claims
  • Incident 638 (5/16/2022) Fatal Crash Involving Tesla Full Self-Driving Claims Employee's Life

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