Incident 634: Deepfake CFO Scam Costs Company $25 Million

Description: A finance employee at a multinational was deceived into transferring $25 million by fraudsters using deepfake technology to impersonate the firm's CFO in a video call, according to the Hong Kong police.


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Alleged: Unknown deepfake technology developers developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Unnamed multinational company and Unnamed finance employee.

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Daniel Atherton
Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deepfake ‘chief financial officer’ · 2024

A finance worker at a multinational firm was tricked into paying out $25 million to fraudsters using deepfake technology to pose as the company's chief financial officer in a video conference call, according to Hong Kong police.

The elabora…

Hong Kong firm loses over $25mn after employee’s video call with deepfake ‘chief financial officer’, others · 2024

The Hong Kong branch of a multinational company has lost $25.6 million (HK$200 million) after scammers using deepfake technology posed as the firm's chief financial officer (CFO) in a video conference call and ordered money transfers, accor…

Deepfake Scam Video Cost Company $26 Million, Hong Kong Police Says · 2024


Scammers tricked a multinational firm out of some $26 million by impersonating senior executives using deepfake technology, Hong Kong police said Sunday, in one of the first cases of its kind in the city.

Law enforcement agen…

Scammers used deepfake CFO on video call to trick company employee into sending them $25M · 2024

Scammers who used artificial intelligence-powered "deepfakes" to pose as a multinational company's chief financial officer in a video call were able to trick an employee into sending them more than $25 million, CNN reported.

The finance wor…

Deepfake CFO tricks Hong Kong biz out of $25 million · 2024

A Hong Kong-based finance professional at a multinational was reportedly swindled out of $25 million (HK$200 million) of company money when scammers created a deepfake of his London-based chief financial officer in a video conference call.

Company worker in Hong Kong pays out £20m in deepfake video call scam · 2024

Hong Kong police have launched an investigation after an employee at an unnamed company claimed she was duped into paying HK$200m (£20m) of her firm's money to fraudsters in a deepfake video conference call.

The Hong Kong police force said …

Deepfaked video conference call makes employee send $25 million to scammers · 2024

The scheme and the deepfake video conference call

The attack started with messages sent to several of the firm's employees, but it seems that only one -- employed in the finance department of the company's Hong Kong branch's -- was ultimate…

Deepfake video conference convinces employee to send $25M to scammers · 2024

A deepfake phishing scam cost a multinational company more than $25 million after an employee was fooled by digital imitations of his colleagues on a conference call.

Hong Kong police said at a press conference Friday that the employee at t…

Deepfaked video conference call costs company $25M · 2024

Fraudsters used deepfake technology to arrange a bogus video conference call and elaborately trick a finance worker at a multinational firm into paying out $25 million.

The name of the Hong Kong branch of this multinational company is not s…

A company lost $25 million after an employee was tricked by deepfakes of his coworkers on a video call: police · 2024

Scammers made off with about $25 million after they used deepfake technology to trick an employee at the Hong Kong branch of a multinational company, local media reported on Sunday, citing the city's police.

In January, an employee in the c…

Deepfake video call scam cons company out of $25 million · 2024

A multinational company's Hong Kong office was the victim of an elaborate scam using deepfake video technology to impersonate executives and scam the company out of HK$200 million ($25.6 million), local police reported on Sunday (Jan 4).


Deepfake scammer walks off with $25 million in first-of-its-kind AI heist · 2024

On Sunday, a report from the South China Morning Post revealed a significant financial loss suffered by a multinational company's Hong Kong office, amounting to HK$200 million (US$25.6 million), due to a sophisticated scam involving deepfak…

Video Call With Deepfakes Costs UK Firm $25m in Hong Kong · 2024

An employee at a Hong Kong branch of a multinational firm was scammed into paying out 200 million HKD (more than $25 million) of company funds after a conference call in which every single participant --- other than the worker --- was a dee…

Employee Duped by AI-Generated CFO in $25.6M Deepfake Scam · 2024

Learn how a multinational company's Hong Kong branch faced a deepfake scam, causing substantial financial losses, and explore efforts to counter the rising sophistication of deepfake technology.

A multinational company's Hong Kong branch fa…

Scammers in Hong Kong Used Deepfakes To Steal $25.6M USD · 2024

Scammers stole $25.6 million USD ( $200 million Hong Kong dollars) from a multinational finance firm using deepfake technology, CNN reported.

Hong Kong police were contacted about a case where scammers used a deepfake of the firm's chief fi…

Company Loses Millions After Employee Duped By Video Call Deepfakes · 2024

An employee at the Hong Kong office of a multinational company transferred nearly $26 million to scammers last month after unwittingly attending a video call with deepfakes of their co-workers -- including the company's chief financial offi…

Scammers Use Deepfakes to Steal $25.6 Million From Company in Hong Kong · 2024

Scammers Use Deepfakes to Steal , $25.6 Million From Company in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, a finance worker for an unnamed multinational firm was tricked into paying bad actors $24.6 million, Engadget reports. . According to police, the scamm…

Hong Kong Video Deepfake Scam Nets HK$200 Million, Fraud Involved Simulation of Multiple Video Conference Participants · 2024

What is easily the most ambitious deepfake scam yet has taken place in Hong Kong, where attackers were able to convince an employee of an unnamed company to transfer HK$200 million (about $25 million) via a fake video conference populated b…

Deepfake Scammers Steal $25 Million From Company: 5 Ways You Can Avoid Being Victim to Latest AI Nightmare · 2024

A group of scammers recently used deepfake technology -- now readily available to just about anyone -- to trick a finance employee into paying them over $25 million of corporate funds. This might be one of the world's biggest AI-fueled heis…


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