Incident 639: Customer Overcharged Due to Air Canada Chatbot's False Discount Claims

Description: Air Canada was ordered to pay over $600 in damages for providing inaccurate bereavement discount information via its chatbot, leading to a customer overpaying for flights. The tribunal ruled the airline responsible for the chatbot's misinformation.


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Alleged: Air Canada developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Jake Moffatt.

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Daniel Atherton
Air Canada must pay damages after chatbot lies to grieving passenger about discount · 2024
Katyanna Quach post-incident response

Air Canada must pay a passenger hundreds of dollars in damages after its online chatbot gave the guy wrong information before he booked a flight.

Jake Moffatt took the airline to a small-claims tribunal after the biz refused to refund him f…

Air Canada chatbot promised a discount. Now the airline has to pay it. · 2024
Kyle Melnick post-incident response

After his grandmother died in Ontario a few years ago, British Columbia resident Jake Moffatt visited Air Canada's website to book a flight for the funeral. He received assistance from a chatbot, which told him the airline offered reduced r…

Airline held liable for its chatbot giving passenger bad advice - what this means for travellers · 2024
Maria Yagoda post-incident response

Artificial intelligence is having a growing impact on the way we travel, and a remarkable new case shows what AI-powered chatbots can get wrong – and who should pay. In 2022, Air Canada's chatbot promised a discount that wasn't available to…


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