Incident 516: ChatGPT Reportedly Exposed Users' Private Data Reportedly Due to Bug

Description: ChatGPT reportedly exposed titles of users' chat histories and users' private payment information to other users reportedly due to a bug, which prompted its temporary shutdown by OpenAI.


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Alleged: OpenAI developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed ChatGPT users.

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Khoa Lam
ChatGPT was shut down due to a bug that exposed user chat titles · 2023

ChatGPT's outage on Monday was a bit more problematic than it first appeared.

According to Bloomberg, the AI chatbot was shut down due to a bug that exposed titles of users' chat histories to other users. The titles could be seen in the sid…

The ChatGPT bug exposed more private data than previously thought, OpenAI confirms · 2023

A ChatGPT bug found earlier this week also revealed user's payment information, says OpenAI.

The AI chatbot was shut down on March 20, due to a bug that exposed titles and the first message of new conversations from active users' chat histo…


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