Incident 517: Man Arrested For Sock Theft by False Facial Match Despite Alibi

Description: A man was arrested for theft of socks from a TJ Maxx store under the guise of an eyewitness ID case, after the local police asked the store's security guard to confirm the facial recognition match produced using surveillance footage, despite him having an alibi at the time of the theft.


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Alleged: developed an AI system deployed by New York Police Department, which harmed unknown.

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Khoa Lam
There Will Be No Turning Back on Facial Recognition · 2019

On Friday, August 16, at around 7 a.m., a pair of suspicious appliances was found on a subway platform at the Fulton Street station in lower Manhattan and, an hour later, a third near a garbage can on West 16th Street. Initially, police tho…

The Hidden Role of Facial Recognition Tech in Many Arrests · 2022

Quinn says the spread of facial recognition technology has led investigators to believe there will be suitable digital evidence in every case, similar to the way the TV show CSI led people to believe there would always be DNA or physical fo…


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