Incident 404: Sound Intelligence's Aggression Detector Misidentified Innocuous Sounds

Description: Sound Intelligence's "aggression detection" algorithm deployed by schools reportedly contained high rates of false positive, misclassifying laughing, coughing, cheering, and loud discussions.


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Khoa Lam
The Unproven, Invasive Surveillance Technology Schools Are Using to Monitor Students · 2019

Ariella Russcol specializes in drama at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, New York, and the senior's performance on this April afternoon didn't disappoint. While the library is normally the quietest room in the school, her ear…

Methodology: How We Tested an Aggression Detection Algorithm · 2019


This companion article to our main story describes the testing and data analysis ProPublica conducted for the Sound Intelligence aggression detection algorithm on the Louroe Digifact A microphone. Here, we discuss the data and …


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