Incident 10: Kronos Scheduling Algorithm Allegedly Caused Financial Issues for Starbucks Employees

Description: Kronos’s scheduling algorithm and its use by Starbucks managers allegedly negatively impacted financial and scheduling stability for Starbucks employees, which disadvantaged wage workers.


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Alleged: Kronos developed an AI system deployed by Starbucks, which harmed Starbucks employees.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

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accommodation and food service activities

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The staff scheduling tool used by Starbucks has led to staff working hours volatile and erratic schedules. Some store managers use a scheduling software, Kronos, to optimize scheduling and cut labor costs, however Starbucks refuses to accept or deny using Kronos.

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Issues with Starbucks worker's schedules may be linked to a staffing software, Kronos.



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Psychological harm



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Starbucks, Kronos

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Food and agriculture

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Market Forecasting, Scheduling

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Regression, Diverse Data

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Tuning Issues, Misconfigured Aggregation

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