Incident 37: Female Applicants Down-Ranked by Amazon Recruiting Tool

Description: Amazon shuts down internal AI recruiting tool that would down-rank female applicants.


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Alleged: Amazon developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed female applicants.

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Sean McGregor

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In 2015, Amazon scrapped an internal recruiting algorithm developed by its Edinburgh office that would down-rank resumes when it included the word "women's", and two women's colleges. The algorithm ranked an applicant out of five stars, and it would give preference to resumes that contained what Reuters called "masculine language," or strong verbs like "executed" or "captured". These patterns occured because the engineered who made the algorithm trained it with past candidates' resumes submitted over the previous ten years, and the past candidates in the industry were male-dominated.

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Amazon shuts down internal AI recruiting tool that would down-rank female applicants.



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Psychological harm, Financial harm

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Resume screening tool developed by Amazon to scan resumes and raise strong job applicants for consideration

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Professional, scientific and technical activities

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Perception, Cognition

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Natural language processing

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Natural language processing


Edinburgh, Scotland

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Amazon, Edinburgh

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Amazon ditches sexist AI

Amazon ditches sexist AI

Amazon abandoned sexist AI recruitment tool

Is AI Sexist?

Is AI Sexist?

Amazon scraps 'sexist AI' recruitment tool · 2018

Amazon has scrapped a “sexist” tool that used artificial intelligence to decide the best candidates to hire for jobs.

Members of the team working on the system said it effectively taught itself that male candidates were preferable.

The arti…

Amazon scraps 'sexist AI' recruiting tool that showed bias against women · 2018

Amazon has scrapped a "sexist" internal tool that used artificial intelligence to sort through job applications.

The AI was created by a team at Amazon's Edinburgh office in 2014 as a way to automatically sort through CVs and pick out the m…

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It turns out Amazon’s AI hiring tool discriminated against women · 2018

Amazon had to scrap its AI hiring tool because it was ‘sexist’ and discriminated against female applicants, a report from Reuters has found.

Amazon’s hopes for creating the perfect AI hiring tool were dashed when it realised that the algori…

Amazon built an AI tool to hire people but had to shut it down because it was discriminating against women · 2018

David Ryder/Getty Images Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon tried building an artificial-intelligence tool to help with recruiting, but it showed a bias against women,Reuters reports.

Engineers reportedly found the AI was unfavorable toward fema…

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Amazon ditches sexist AI · 2018

Amazon ditches sexist AI

It’s not news to learn that AI can be something of a bigot.

Amazon scrapped an algorithm designed to become a recruitment tool because it was too sexist.

Did you hear the one about my wife — well, she… is a really n…

Amazon's sexist recruiting algorithm reflects a larger gender bias · 2018

AI may have sexist tendencies. But, sorry, the problem is still us humans.

Amazon recently scrapped an employee recruiting algorithm plagued with problems, according to a report from Reuters. Ultimately, the applicant screening algorithm di…

Amazon ditches AI recruitment tool that 'learnt to be sexist' · 2018

London | Amazon has scrapped a "sexist" internal tool that used artificial intelligence to sort through job applications.

The program was created by a team at Amazon's Edinburgh office in 2014 as a way to sort through CVs and pick out the m… · 2018

Amazon decided to scrap a machine learning (ML) algorithm it was creating to help automate the recruitment process because the model kept favoring male candidates, Reuters revealed. The discrimination against female candidates has been put …

Amazon ditched AI recruiting tool that favored men for technical jobs · 2018

Specialists had been building computer programs since 2014 to review résumés in an effort to automate the search process

This article is more than 5 months old

This article is more than 5 months old

Amazon’s machine-learning specialists unc…

Amazon Shuts Down Secret AI Recruiting Tool That Taught Itself to be Sexist · 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) human resourcing tools are all the rage at the moment and becoming increasingly popular. The systems can speed up, simplify and even decrease the cost of the hiring process becoming every recruiter's dream come …

Amazon trained a sexism-fighting, resume-screening AI with sexist hiring data, so the bot became sexist · 2018

Amazon trained a sexism-fighting, resume-screening AI with sexist hiring data, so the bot became sexist

Some parts of machine learning are incredibly esoteric and hard to grasp, surprising even seasoned computer science pros; other parts of…

Amazon scraps sexist AI recruiting tool · 2018

Amazon's has scraped its artificial intelligence hiring tool after it was found to be sexist.

Photo: © 2014, Ken Wolter

A team of specialists familiar with the project told Reuters that they had been building computer programmes since 2014…

Amazon AI sexist tool scrapped · 2018

So AI may be the future in hiring and recruitment but it certainly isn't there yet it seems.

If you're basing it's learning on history which quite possibly may have been biased towards men, then it is likely that it will discriminate agains…

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The tech giant canned their experimental recruitment system riddled with problems, according to Reuters.

Amazon, back in 2014, set up the recruiting system in place, hoping to mechanize the entire hiring process. It used artificial intellig…

Is AI Sexist? · 2018

Amazon recently scrapped an experimental artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting tool that was found to be biased against women. At this point, I hope you might have a few questions, such as: What is an AI recruiting tool and how does it wo… · 2018

Amazon has scrapped a "sexist" internal tool that used artificial intelligence to sort through job applications.

The AI was created by a team at Amazon's Edinburgh office in 2014 as a way to automatically sort through CVs and pick out the m…

Why Amazon's sexist AI recruiting tool is better than a human. · 2018

However, bias also appears for other unrelated reasons. A recent study into how an algorithm delivered ads promoting STEM jobs showed that men were more likely to be shown the ad, not because men were more likely to click on it, but because…

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Sexist AI: Amazon ditches recruitment tool that turned out to be anti-women · 2019

It was supposed to make finding the right person for the job easier. However, an AI tool developed by Amazon to sift through potential hires has been dropped by the firm after developers found it was biased against picking women.

From prici…

New York City proposes regulating algorithms used in hiring · 2021

In 1964, the Civil Rights Act barred the humans who made hiring decisions from discriminating on the basis of sex or race. Now, software often contributes to those hiring decisions, helping managers screen résumés or interpret video intervi…

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"There is growing interest in new ways of solving problems such as interview bias," the Cambridge University researchers say, in the …


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