Incident 14: Biased Sentiment Analysis

Description: Google Cloud's Natural Language API provided racist, homophobic, amd antisemitic sentiment analyses.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Women and Minority Groups.

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Sean McGregor

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Google's Cloud Natural Language API returns "negative" sentiment analysis on phrases such as "I am homosexual" "I am Jewish" or "I am black". The API uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze text and produce a score from -1.0 to 1.0 with -1.0 being "very negative" and 1.0 being "very positive".

Short Description

Google Cloud's Natural Language API provided racist, homophobic, amd antisemitic sentiment analyses.



Harm Distribution Basis

Race, Religion, Sexual orientation or gender identity, Ideology

Harm Type

Harm to social or political systems

AI System Description

Google Cloud's Natural Language API that analyzes input text and outputs a "sentiment analysis" score from -1.0 (very negative) to 1.0 (very positive)

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Sector of Deployment

Arts, entertainment and recreation

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AI Techniques

Google Cloud Natural Language Processing API

AI Applications

Natural language processing



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Google, Google Cloud, Natural Language API

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input from open source internet

Google Is Sorry its Sentiment Analyzer is Biased · 2017

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Google messed up, and now says it's sorry.

Wednesday, Motherboard published a story written by Andrew Thompson about biases against ethnic and religious minorities encoded in one of Google's machine learning application …

Google's AI is already associating ethnic minorities with negative sentiment · 2017

GOOGLE'S artificial intelligence (AI) engine has been showing a negative bias towards words including "gay" and "jew".

The sentiment analysis process is the latest in a growing number of examples of "garbage in - garbage out" in the world o…

Google’s Sentiment Analyzer Thinks Being Gay Is Bad · 2017

A Google spokesperson responded to Motherboard's request for comment and issued the following statement: "We dedicate a lot of efforts to making sure the NLP API avoids bias, but we don't always get it right. This is an example of one of th…

Google's AI has some seriously messed up opinions about homosexuality · 2017

Google's code of conduct explicitly prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, religion, and a host of other protected categories. However, it seems that no one bothered to pass that information along to the company's artif…

Google's sentiment analysis API is just as biased as humans · 2017

The tool, which you can sample here, is designed to give companies a preview of how their language will be received. Entering whole sentences gives predictive analysis on each word as well as the statement as a whole. But you can see whethe…

Google's AI Is Branding Jews & Homosexuals As Bad People, Thanks To Toxic Human Biases · 2017

A lot of major players in the science and technology scene believe we have a lot to fear from AI surpassing human intelligence, even as others laugh off those claims. But one thing both sides agree on is that artificial intelligence is subj…

Google Sentiment Analysis API gives a biased output · 2017

Google developed its Cloud Natural Language API to allows the developers to work with language analyzer to reveal the actual meaning of the text. The system decided that whether the text was said in the positive sentiment or the negative. A…


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