Incident 19: Sexist and Racist Google Adsense Advertisements

Description: Advertisements chosen by Google Adsense are reported as producing sexist and racist results.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Women and Minority Groups.

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Sean McGregor

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Advertisements chosen by Google Adsense are reported as producing sexist and racist results. In a 2015 Carnegie Mellon study, 17,370 fake profiles were created to visit jobseeker sites, the profiles were shown around 600,000 advertisements. 1,852 male profiles received advertisements for high-paying executive jobs and career building while only 318 of the female profiles were shown the advertisements. Companies are allowed to filter who is shown their advertisements, which is attributed to this difference in male/female outcomes of advertising. In a separate instance, Harvard professor Latanya Sweeney released a 2013 study showing how black identifying names, when searched in Google, are more likely to return advertisments involving arrests. When testing 2,000 racially-sensitive names, black identifying names returned advertisements using the word "arrest" 81-95% of the time, while white identifying names did so 0-9% of the time. All of the ads were from, implying, again, the company's choice of who to target their advertising toward played a factor in the discriminatory results.

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Advertisements chosen by Google Adsense are reported as producing sexist and racist results.



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Race, Sex

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Harm to social or political systems, Harm to civil liberties, Other:Reputational harm

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Google Adsense, an algorithm used to target advertisements toward relevant audiences.

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Information and communication

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Perception, Cognition, Action

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Google Adsense

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targeted advertising



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Google, Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University,

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Google, Instant Checkmate

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Advertiser's preference, Google user's search history, Google user's purchase history


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