Incident 18: Gender Biases of Google Image Search

Description: Google Image returns results that under-represent women in leadership roles, notably with the first photo of a female "CEO" being a Barbie doll after 11 rows of male CEOs.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Women.

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Sean McGregor

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Reports show Google Image produces results that under-represent women in leadership roles. When searching "CEO" in Google Images, approximately 11% of results feature women while around 28% of CEO's in the United States were women when this complaint was raised. Other examples include the search under "cop" returning results where the first woman featured is wearing a "sexy Halloween costume". Another report showed that when searching "CEO" the first woman to appear was a version of Barbie doll, and that didn't appear until the 12th row of results.

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Google Image returns results that under-represent women in leadership roles, notably with the first photo of a female "CEO" being a Barbie doll after 11 rows of male CEOs.



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Harm to social or political systems

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Google Image search that allows a search based on a word or phrase to produce photos deemed relevant to that search phrase

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Information and communication

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Perception, Cognition

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Google Image, image processing

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image suggestion, image processing, image content processing



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open source internet, user requests, user searches

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information and communication

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