Incident 152: SoftBank's Humanoid Robot, Pepper, Reportedly Frequently Made Errors, Prompting Dismissal

Description: SoftBank's robot allegedly kept making mechanical errors, taking unplanned breaks, failing to recognize previously-met people, and breaking down during practice runs.


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Alleged: Aldebaran and SoftBank Robotics developed an AI system deployed by , which harmed SoftBank.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam
Humanoid Robot Keeps Getting Fired From His Jobs · 2021

TOKYO—Having a robot read scripture to mourners seemed like a cost-effective idea to the people at Nissei Eco Co., a plastics manufacturer with a sideline in the funeral business.

The company hired child-sized robot Pepper, clothed it in th…

Softbank's Hyped Robot Keeps Failing at Its Jobs · 2021

Maybe the robots aren't coming for your jobs just yet.

Pepper, a humanoid robot from Japanese VC firm SoftBank, burst onto the scene in 2014 to considerable fanfare and media coverage. Since then, however, the bot has failed at many of the …


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