Incident 111: Amazon Flex Drivers Allegedly Fired via Automated Employee Evaluations

Description: Amazon Flex's contract delivery drivers were dismissed using a minimally human-interfered automated employee performance evaluation based on indicators impacted by out-of-driver's-control factors and without having a chance to defend against or appeal the decision.


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Alleged: Amazon developed an AI system deployed by Amazon Flex, which harmed Amazon Flex employees and Amazon Flex drivers.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

GMF Taxonomy Classifications

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Known AI Goal

Automatic Skill Assessment

Known AI Technology

Geolocation Data, Face Detection

Potential AI Technology


Potential AI Technical Failure

Incomplete Data Attribute Capture, Misconfigured Threshold, Generalization Failure, Limited Dataset, Covariate Shift

Incident Reports

Fired by Bot at Amazon: ‘It’s You Against the Machine’ · 2021

Contract drivers say algorithms terminate them by email—even when they have done nothing wrong.

Stephen Normandin spent almost four years racing around Phoenix delivering packages as a contract driver for Inc. Then one day, he re…

Amazon is using algorithms with little human intervention to fire Flex workers · 2021

Locked gates, inclement weather, and bad selfies—all reasons drivers report that they were fired by the bots that apparently run human resources for Amazon’s Flex delivery program.

Millions of independent contractors are at the whim of a sy…

War veteran fired from Amazon for automated email with no chance to defend himself · 2021

Algorithms rate Amazon employee performance and report layoffs via automated emails.

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer owned by Jeff Bezos, leave your HR operations to machines, using software not only to manage workers in their warehous…

Amazon Flex Fires Employees by Software Algorithm · 2021

Self-employed workers who provide services for Amazon Flex, in the United States, denounced possible layoffs made possible by software from artificial intelligence of the giant that supposedly make decisions for the Human Resources.

Second …

Amazon Is Using Algorithms And A.I. To Terminate Flex Drivers By E-mail · 2021

A lengthy Bloomberg report says that Amazon Flex drivers are supervised, and often fired by algorithms and e-mails rather than human beings. If you’re not familiar with it, Amazon Flex is basically Postmates but for delivering Amazon packag…


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