Incident 149: Zillow Shut Down Zillow Offers Division Allegedly Due to Predictive Pricing Tool's Insufficient Accuracy

Description: Zillow's AI-powered predictive pricing tool Zestimate was allegedly not able to accurately forecast housing prices three to six months in advance due to rapid market changes, prompting division shutdown and layoff of a few thousand employees.


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Alleged: Zillow Offers developed an AI system deployed by Zillow, which harmed Zillow and Zillow Offers staff.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

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Known AI Goal

Market Forecasting

Known AI Technology

Regression, Multimodal Learning, Diverse Data

Potential AI Technology

Optical Character Recognition, Clustering

Known AI Technical Failure

Concept Drift

Potential AI Technical Failure

Incomplete Data Attribute Capture, Adversarial Data, Underfitting, Dataset Imbalance

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