AI Incident Roundup – April ‘23

Posted 2023-05-24 by Janet Schwartz & Khoa Lam.

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🗄 Trending in the AIID

In April, there were several news stories centering around false accusations and impersonation. Whereas AI-powered voice synthesis systems were being used as tools by humans to impersonate loved ones for cash, break into a government system, make false swat calls, and mimic musicians, ChatGPT generated false stories of an Australian Mayor and a professor committing crimes.

🗞️ New Incidents

LLMs & Chatbots

  • #506: ChatGPT Allegedly Produced False Accusation of Sexual Harassment
    • LLM, false accusation
  • #507: ChatGPT Erroneously Alleged Mayor Served Prison Time for Bribery
    • LLM, false accusation
  • #513: ChatGPT Banned by Italian Authority Due to OpenAI's Lack of Legal Basis for Data Collection and Age Verification
    • LLM, children
  • #514: Turnitin's ChatGPT-Detection Tool Falsely Flagged Student Essays as AI-Generated
    • LLM detection
  • #516: ChatGPT Reportedly Exposed Users' Private Data Reportedly Due to Bug
    • LLM, false privacy

Voice Synthesis

  • #509: Scammers Deepfaked Videos of Victims' Loved Ones Asking for Funds over Facebook in Vietnam
    • deepfake, scam, voice recognition, voice synthesis
  • #523: Australian Journalist Able to Access Centrelink Account Using AI Audio of Own Voice
    • privacy, voice recognition, voice synthesis
  • #524: AI Voices Abused by Telegram User to Make Swat Calls as Paid Service
    • voice synthesis, abuse
  • #526: Novel Deepfake Song Pulled from Music Streaming Services After Allegedly Violating Artist's Rights
    • deepfake, voice synthesis

Computer Vision

  • #517: Man Arrested For Sock Theft by False Facial Match Despite Alibi
    • false accusation, facial recognition, computer vision
  • #518: New York Detective Misused Woody Harrelson's Face to Perform Face Recognition Search
    • false accusation, facial recognition, computer vision
  • #520: Amazon Fresh Cameras Failed to Register Purchased Items
    • computer vision
  • #521: Images Captured by iRobot's Roomba Containing Device Users Posted on Private Online Groups
    • computer vision, privacy

Bias & Discrimination

  • #522: Facebook Political Ad Delivery Algorithms Inferred Users' Political Alignment, Inhibiting Political Campaigns' Reach
    • bias, privacy
  • #527: Tech Companies Reportedly Paid Gig Workers Differentially for the Same Amount of Work
    • discrimination, pricing algorithm
  • #529: Stable Diffusion Exhibited Biases for Prompts Featuring Professions
    • bias, image generation
  • #531: AI-Assisted Body Scanners Reportedly Subjected Transgender Travelers to Invasive Body Searches
    • abuse, privacy, discrimination


  • #519: Starship Delivery Robot Ran into Problems Traversing Campus Terrains
  • #525: Tesla Vehicle Running on Self-Driving Mode Crashes on City Streets
  • #528: Amazon Algorithmic Pricing Allegedly Hiked up Price of Reference Book to Millions
  • #530: Telegram Channels Allowed Users to Make Non-Consensual Deepfake Porn as Paid Service

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