Uber drivers

Incidents Harmed By

Incident 3545 Reports
Uber Allegedly Violated GDPR by Failing to Provide Sufficient Notice on Automated Profiling for Drivers


Uber was alleged in a lawsuit to have provided incomplete notice about automated decision-making and profiling for drivers such as information about their driving behavior, and use of phone.


Incident 3555 Reports
Uber Allegedly Wrongfully Accused Drivers of Fraud via Automated Systems


Uber was alleged in a lawsuit to have wrongfully accused its drivers in the UK and Portugal of fraudulent activity through automated systems, which resulted in their dismissal without a right to appeal.


Incident 2033 Reports
Uber Launched Opaque Algorithm That Changes Drivers' Payments in the US


Uber launched a new but opaque algorithm to determine drivers' pay in the US which allegedly caused drivers to experience lower fares, confusing fare drops, and a decrease in rides.


Incident 5272 Reports
Tech Companies Reportedly Influenced Gig Workers' Behaviors Using Algorithms to Vary Pay for Same Amount of Work


Amazon and Uber were alleged in a multiyear ethnographic study using algorithmic systems based on gig workers' data to vary pay, such as by offering them lower wages for the same amount of work.


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