Incident 527: Tech Companies Reportedly Influenced Gig Workers' Behaviors Using Algorithms to Vary Pay for Same Amount of Work

Description: Amazon and Uber were alleged in a multiyear ethnographic study using algorithmic systems based on gig workers' data to vary pay, such as by offering them lower wages for the same amount of work.


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Alleged: Uber and Amazon developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Uber drivers , gig workers and Amazon delivery workers.

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Khoa Lam
On Algorithmic Wage Discrimination · 2023

Recent technological developments related to the extraction and processing of data have given rise to widespread concerns about a reduction of privacy in the workplace. For a growing number of low-income and subordinated racial minority wor…

Companies like Uber and Amazon use AI to pay people different wages for the same work, a new study finds · 2023

Gig workers are doing the same jobs for different pay, and this model could come to your workplace someday. 

That's according to new research from Veena Dubal, a law professor at University of California Hastings, who drew upon six years an…


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