Incident 9: NY City School Teacher Evaluation Algorithm Contested

Description: An algorithm used to rate the effectiveness of school teachers in New York has resulted in thousands of disputes of its results.


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Alleged: New York city Dept. of Education developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Teachers.

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Sean McGregor

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A value-added measurement based algorithm used to calculate the effectiveness of school teachers is being challenged for its lack of apparent accuracy and real-world relevance. In Rochester, New York approximately 600 teachers are disputing the results, and in Syracuse between 400-500 are disputing the results. The VAM score can be used to give raises to teachers deemed "effective" or "highly effective", but can also be used to fire teachers who are given two "ineffective" ratings in a row. Teachers criticize the algorithm for including only Math and English in the evaluation (even for teachers of other subjects as the algorithm only covers those two subjects), using school averages to calculate a single student's expected average, and high-grade-earning students being predicted to grow at literally impossible rates (to score grades higher than 100% on tests).

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An algorithm used to rate the effectiveness of school teachers in New York has resulted in thousands of disputes of its results.



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Other:School Teachers

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Financial harm

AI System Description

value-added analysis algorithm used for evaluating a school teacher's effectiveness of teaching

System Developer

New York city Dept. of Education

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value-added mesaurements

AI Applications

data processing, data prediction


New York, United States of America

Named Entities

New York Department of Education, United Federation of Teachers, Sheri Lederman, Common Core, Governor Andrew Cuomo

Technology Purveyor

New York Department of Education

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Harm caused



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Data Inputs

School grades, student grades, predicted grades


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