Incident 702: Disinformation Deepfake Circulates of State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller Suggesting Belgorod Can Be Attacked with U.S. Weapons

Description: A deepfake video of State Department spokesman Matthew Miller falsely suggested Belgorod was a legitimate target for Ukrainian strikes. This disinformation spread on Telegram and Russian media, misleading the public and inciting tensions. U.S. officials condemned the deepfake. This incident is an example of the threat of AI-powered disinformation and hybrid attacks.


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Alleged: Unknown deepfake creators developed an AI system deployed by Russian government, which harmed Matthew Miller , Department of State and Biden administration.

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Daniel Atherton

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Deepfake of U.S. Official Appears After Shift on Ukraine Attacks in Russia · 2024

A day after U.S. officials said Ukraine could use American weapons in limited strikes inside Russia, a deepfake video of a U.S. spokesman discussing the policy appeared online.

The fabricated video, which is drawn from actual footage, shows…


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