Incident 698: Deepfake Video of Ron DeSantis Dropping Out of 2024 Presidential Race Circulating

Description: In early September 2023, a deepfake video created by C3PMeme circulated on social media, showing Ron DeSantis falsely claiming he was dropping out of the 2024 presidential race. DeSantis did not actually suspend his campaign until January 21, 2024.


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Alleged: Unknown deepfake technology developer developed an AI system deployed by C3PMeme, which harmed Ron DeSantis and Ron DeSantis's presidential campaign.

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Daniel Atherton
There Is Now A Deep Fake Video Of Ron DeSantis Dropping Out Of The 2024 Race · 2023

A video of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announcing that he is dropping out of the 2024 presidential race has been making the rounds on social media---but it is of course a deep fake, a video created by artificial intelligence.

It was repor…


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