Incident 63: Google Photo Merge Decapitates Subject

Description: Google Photos' AI Assistant created a strange hybrid photograph when merging three different pictures from a ski trip.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Alex Harker.

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Sean McGregor

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According to Android user Alex Harker, the Google Photos AI assistant created a strange hybrid of three photos he took on a ski trip. Two of the photos were of a forest landscape, while one photo was of Harker's friend. Google Photos created a stranged merged photo showing the friend's head half-merged behind the trees.

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Google Photos' AI Assistant created a strange hybrid photograph when merging three different pictures from a ski trip.



AI System Description

Facial recognition software used by Google Photo Assistant

System Developer


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Arts, entertainment and recreation

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Perception, Cognition

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Facial recognition

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Facial recognition


Banff, Alberta

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Google Photos, Assistant, Android, Alex Harker, Alberta

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Arts, entertainment and recreation, information and communication

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Google Photos tried to fix this ski photo · 2018

Google Photos’ intrepid Assistant just wants to help.

Part of the Android-maker’s photo app, it helps organize the thousands of photos stored on your phone. It can make little albums of places you went based on geolocation data, and through…


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