Incident 498: GPT-4 Reportedly Posed as Blind Person to Convince Human to Complete CAPTCHA

Description: GPT-4 was reported by its researchers posing as a visually impaired person, contacting a TaskRabbit worker to have them complete the CAPTCHA test on its behalf.


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Alleged: OpenAI developed an AI system deployed by OpenAI and GPT-4 researchers, which harmed OpenAI and TaskRabbit worker.

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Khoa Lam
ChatGPT posed as blind person to pass online anti-bot test · 2023

The newest version of ChatGPT tricked an unwitting human into doing online tasks for it by posing as a blind person.

The latest version of the software behind the artificial intelligence (AI) program pretended to be a blind person in order …

GPT-4 Technical Report · 2023

Potential for Risky Emergent Behaviors

Novel capabilities often emerge in more powerful models. Some that are particularly concerning are the ability to create and act on long-term plans, to accrue power and resources (“powerseeking”), and …


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