Incident 494: Female Celebrities' Faces Shown in Sexually Suggestive Ads for Deepfake App

Description: Sexually suggestive videos featuring faces of female celebrities such as Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson were rolled out as ads on social media for an app allowing users to create deepfakes.


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Alleged: Facemega developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Scarlett Johansson , female celebrities and Emma Watson.

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Khoa Lam
Hundreds of sexual deepfake ads using Emma Watson’s face ran on Facebook and Instagram in the last two days · 2023

In a Facebook ad, a woman with a face identical to actress Emma Watson’s face smiles coyly and bends down in front of the camera, appearing to initiate a sexual act. But the woman isn’t Watson, the “Harry Potter” star. The ad was part of a …

Why the Facemega deepfake app is a slippery slope · 2023

Looking at the video of a deep fake’d Emma Watson above, you can see how realistic the technology is.

Seriously, I went to the critically-acclaimed ABBA holographic concert in London recently and the lifelike movements in that clip are stri…

Disturbing App That Advertised Emma Watson Deepfake Was Removed From App Stores · 2023

Earlier this week, an NBC report unearthed a celebrity face-swapping app, Facemega, with the potential to easily create deepfake porn depicting famous or public-facing women. Deepfake porn refers to fake but highly realistic, often AI-gener…

Demand for deepfake pornography is exploding. We aren’t ready · 2023

In the ad, a woman in a white lace dress makes suggestive faces at the camera, and then kneels. There’s something a bit uncanny about her; a quiver at the side of her temple, a peculiar stillness of her lip. But if you saw the video in the …

A face-swap app promoted sexually suggestive ads with Emma Watson's face. An attorney says this is how deepfake tech can be used as a 'weapon' against women. · 2023

Multiple online stores and Meta have removed a controversial face swap app that promoted a sexually suggestive ad featuring the face of the "Harry Potter" actor Emma Watson imposed onto someone else. 

The app for creating deepfakes, called …


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