Incident 413: Thousands of Incorrect ChatGPT-Produced Answers Posted on Stack Overflow

Description: Thousands of incorrect answers produced by OpenAI's ChatGPT were submitted to Stack Overflow, which swamped the site's volunteer-based quality curation process and harmed users looking for correct answers.


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Alleged: OpenAI developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Stack Overflow users and Stack Overflow.

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Khoa Lam

Incident Reports

Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned · 2022

Use of ChatGPT generated text for content on Stack Overflow is temporarily banned.

This is a temporary policy intended to slow down the influx of answers and other content created with ChatGPT. What the final policy will be regarding the us…

AI-generated answers temporarily banned on coding Q&A site Stack Overflow · 2022

Stack Overflow, the go-to question-and-answer site for coders and programmers, has temporarily banned users from sharing responses generated by AI chatbot ChatGPT.

The site's mods said that the ban was temporary and that a final ruling woul…

Why is Everyone Bashing ChatGPT? · 2022

Unfounded assumptions, bad advice, incorrect information—the biggest source of problems on the internet today is people blindly buying into hype. ChatGPT, which has taken the internet by the storm recently, seems to be making it a lot easie…


A "variant" is an incident that shares the same causative factors, produces similar harms, and involves the same intelligent systems as a known AI incident. Rather than index variants as entirely separate incidents, we list variations of incidents under the first similar incident submitted to the database. Unlike other submission types to the incident database, variants are not required to have reporting in evidence external to the Incident Database. Learn more from the research paper.