Incident 385: Canadian Police's Release of Suspect's AI-Generated Facial Photo Reportedly Reinforced Racial Profiling

Description: The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) in Canada released a facial image of a Black male suspect generated by an algorithm using DNA phenotyping, which was denounced by the local community as racial profiling.


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Alleged: Parabon Nanolabs developed an AI system deployed by Edmonton Police Service, which harmed Black residents in Edmonton.

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Khoa Lam
The controversial company using DNA to sketch the faces of criminals · 2020

It was May 2019 when Parabon Nanolabs ran into a major controversy. At the time, it was the most famous forensic-genetics company on the planet. From its headquarters in Reston, Virginia, Parabon was helping police to crack cold-crime cases…

Police use DNA phenotyping in unsolved sexual assault · 2022

The Edmonton Police Service is, for the first time in its history, using DNA phenotyping in the hopes of identifying a suspect in a 2019 sexual assault.

On Sunday, March 10, 2019, at approximately 5:45 a.m., police received a call that a fe…

EPS Statement on DNA Phenotyping · 2022

My name is Enyinnah Okere and as Chief Operating Officer for the Community Safety and Well-being Bureau of EPS, I am responsible for overseeing our sexual assault section - it was my team that put out a release two days ago about the unsolv…

Cops Upload Image of Suspect Generated From DNA, Then Delete After Mass Criticism · 2022

An image of a suspect, created from a sample of his DNA? It sounds like dystopian sci-fi, but experts say it's even worse — it's tech that cops are already rolling out, even though it almost certainly doesn't work.

Alberta, Canada's Edmonto…

Cops forced to apologize over AI that created 'racist' suspect image from DNA · 2022

Alberta, Canada's Edmonton Police Section (EPS) shared the AI-generated image on Twitter and revealed how sci-fi-like "DNA phenotyping" can be used to predict what a suspect looks like.

Police had to remove the controversial AI-generated im…

Police Are Using Portraits Generated from DNA to Catch Criminals · 2022

Police departments are using a new high-tech tool for catching criminals and identifying victims: realistic portraits generated from DNA data. The technology is astounding in its results, but it has attracted its fair share of criticism and…


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