Incident 376: RealPage's Algorithm Pushed Rent Prices High, Allegedly Artificially

Description: RealPage’s YieldStar apartment pricing algorithm was reportedly helping landlords push unusually high rents onto tenants, raising fears and criticisms surrounding alleged antitrust behaviors such as artificially inflating price, and stifling competition.


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Alleged: RealPage and Jeffrey Roper developed an AI system deployed by RealPage, which harmed apartment renters.

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Khoa Lam

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How a Secret Rent Algorithm Pushes Rents Higher · 2022

On a summer day last year, a group of real estate tech executives gathered at a conference hall in Nashville to boast about one of their company’s signature products: software that uses a mysterious algorithm to help landlords push the high…

RealPage’s YieldStar Software May Be Driving Up Rents · 2022

An algorithm designed to help property managers set rents may be boosting prices across the already pricey national market.

RealPage’s YieldStar software could be inflating apartment rents and suppressing competition nationwide, making it e…

Is an Algorithm Raising Your Rent? A New Class Action Lawsuit Says Yes · 2022

Is a tech company partially responsible for skyrocketing rent prices? That’s the story, according to a class-action lawsuit filed in California this week.

Critics allege that Texas-based RealPage, which sells real estate and property manage…

Company that makes rent-setting software for landlords sued for collusion · 2022

Renters filed a lawsuit this week alleging that a company that makes price-setting software for apartments and nine of the nation’s biggest property managers formed a cartel to artificially inflate rents in violation of federal law.

The law…

The DOJ Has Opened an Investigation Into RealPage · 2022

The Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division has opened an investigation into whether rent-setting software made by a Texas-based real estate tech company is facilitating collusion among landlords, according to a source with knowledge of …


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