Incident 372: Users Reported Security Issues with Google Pixel 6a's Fingerprint Unlocking

Description: Google Pixel 6a's fingerprint recognition feature was reported by users for security issues, in which phones were mistakenly unlocked by unregistered fingerprints.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Google Pixel 6a users.

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Khoa Lam
Pixel 6A: One REAL Problem! · 2022

Google has launched the Pixel 6a in India, but there's one real problem in this phone. Is it the higher price? No. The 60Hz OLED? No. The Tensor chipset? No. The real problem of the Pixel 6a is something else. Watch the full video.

Pixel 6a Fingerprint Scanner Can't be Trusted · 2022

Pixel 6a has an in-display fingerprint scanner but It's not that reliable and let me show you what I encountered regarding the fingerprint scanner on the pixel 6a which makes it unreliable and thus can't be trusted to secure your smartphone…

My friend was able to unlock my new Google phone with his fingerprint · 2022

The other night I was showing my new Google Pixel 6a smartphone to my friend Pavlo. The phone was locked when I handed it to him. Then, suddenly, he was staring at my home screen. He had placed his finger on the part of the display where th…


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