Incident 299: Japanese Porn Depixelated by Man using Deepfake

Description: A man allegedly unblurred, using deepfake technology, pixelated pornographic images and videos of pornographic actors, which violated Japan’s obscenity law requiring images of genitalia to be obscured.
Alleged: Unknown developed an AI system deployed by Masayuki Nakamoto, which harmed Japanese pornographic actors.

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Pednekar, Sonali. (2020-12-15) Incident Number 299. in Lam, K. (ed.) Artificial Intelligence Incident Database. Responsible AI Collaborative.

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Man Arrested for Uncensoring Japanese Porn With AI in First Deepfake Case

Japanese police on Monday arrested a 43-year-old man for using artificial intelligence to effectively unblur pixelated porn videos, in the first criminal case in the country involving the exploitative use of the powerful technology.



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