Incident 278: Meta’s BlenderBot 3 Chatbot Demo Made Offensive Antisemitic Comments

Description: The publicly launched conversational AI demo BlenderBot 3 developed by Meta was reported by its users and acknowledged by its developers to have “occasionally” made offensive and inconsistent remarks such as invoking Jewish stereotypes.


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Alleged: Meta developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Jewish people and BlenderBot 3 users.

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Khoa Lam
Tweet: @JeffHorwitz · 2022

Good morning to everyone, especially the Facebook researchers who are going to have to rein in their Facebook-hating, election denying chatbot today

It is also attempting to steer the conversation to how Modi is the world’s great…

Meta asked users to test its A.I. chatbot. Turns out it’s not sure that Biden won in 2020 and deals in Jewish stereotypes · 2022

Meta’s new A.I. chatbot was launched last week to the public, but it has already displayed signs of anti-Semitic sentiments and appears to be unsure as to whether Joe Biden is the President of the United States. 

On Friday, Meta launched Bl…

‘It is painful to see some of these offensive responses’—Meta defends its occasionally anti–Semitic BlenderBot 3 chatbot · 2022

Hi there—David Meyer here in Berlin, filling in for Jeremy this week.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has defended its decision to launch a public demonstration of its new BlenderBot 3 chatbot, which got offensive pretty much as soon as it…


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