Jewish people

Incidents Harmed By

Incident 3805 Reports
Facebook's Auto-Generated Targeting Ad Categories Contained Anti-Semitic Options


Facebook's automated advertising categories generated using users' declared interests contained anti-Semitic categories such as "Jew hater" and "How to burn Jews" which were listed as fields of study.


Incident 2783 Reports
Meta’s BlenderBot 3 Chatbot Demo Made Offensive Antisemitic Comments


The publicly launched conversational AI demo BlenderBot 3 developed by Meta was reported by its users and acknowledged by its developers to have “occasionally” made offensive and inconsistent remarks such as invoking Jewish stereotypes.


Incident 882 Reports
"Jewish Baby Strollers" Provided Anti-Semitic Google Images, Allegedly Resulting from Hate Speech Campaign


Google's Image search for "Jewish baby strollers" showed offensive, anti-Semitic results, allegedly a result of a coordinated hate-speech campaign involving malicious actors on 4chan.


Incident 751 Report
Google Instant's Allegedly 'Anti-Semitic' Results Lead To Lawsuit In France


The organizations SOS Racisme, Union of Jewish Students of France, Movement Against Racism and for Friendship Among Peoples are suing Google due to its autocomplete software suggesting "jewish" when the names of certain public figures were searched on the platform.


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