Incident 155: Google Maps Allegedly Directed Sierra Nevada Travelers to Dangerous Roads amid Winter Storm

Description: Lake Tahoe travelers were allegedly guided by Google Maps into hazardous shortcuts in the mountains during a snowstorm.


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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam
Google Maps may have led Tahoe travelers astray in snowstorm · 2021

It appears that Google Maps may have guided weary Lake Tahoe travelers to closed-off and even dangerous roads amid record-setting snowfall.

Social media posts, including from Crystal Kolden, a professor of forest sciences at UC Merced, have…

Snow Closed the Highways. GPS Mapped a Harrowing Detour in the Sierra Nevada. · 2021

The road once carried stagecoaches during the Gold Rush, twisting its way through what is now a national forest and an area of the Sierra Nevada known for snowmobiling.

In the winter, the rugged passage, known as the Quincy-La Porte Road or…


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