Incident 22: Waze Navigates Motorists into Wildfires

Description: Waze, a Google-owned directions app, led California drivers into the 2017 Skirball wildfires as they tried to evacuate the area.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Motorists.

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Sean McGregor

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Google-owned directions app Waze sent drivers toward areas impacted by the Skirball wildfires in Los Angeles late December 2017. The app looks at current traffic patterns and suggests routes that avoid major congestion. In the case of mass evacuations, as were implemented for these fires, congestion was seen on the evacuation routes leading the app to direct drivers toward the empty roads. These roads were empty because the area ablaze and impassable. Waze/Google engineers typically work with departments of transportation on traffic pattern changes to augment its directions, however in the case of a quickly-developed emergency, the app did not provide safe driving directions.

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Waze, a Google-owned directions app, led California drivers into the 2017 Skirball wildfires as they tried to evacuate the area.



Harm Type

Harm to physical health/safety

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Waze, a directions app meant to decide what route from point A to point B would allow the shortest travel time. Waze also shows potential car accidents, police activity, and other hazards to consider while driving.

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Sector of Deployment

Transportation and storage

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Perception, Cognition

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Interpreting traffic patterns, travel time estimation

AI Applications

Direction suggestions, recommendation engine,


Los Angeles, CA

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Waze, Google, Los Angeles Department of Transportation

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Waze, Google

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Near miss



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Infrastructure Sectors


Data Inputs

Traffic patterns, human operator input


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