Incident 116: Amazon's AI Cameras Incorrectly Penalized Delivery Drivers for Mistakes They Did Not Make

Description: Amazon's automated performance evaluation system involving AI-powered cameras incorrectly punished delivery drivers for non-existent mistakes, impacting their chances for bonuses and rewards.


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Alleged: Netradyne developed an AI system deployed by Amazon, which harmed Amazon delivery drivers and Amazon workers.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam
Amazon’s AI Cameras Are Punishing Drivers for Mistakes They Didn’t Make · 2021

“Maintain safe distance,” the camera installed above his seat would say when a car cut him off. That data would be sent to Amazon, and would be used to evaluate his performance that week and determine whether he got a bonus.

In early 2021, …

AI Is Penalizing Amazon Delivery Drivers for Errors They Aren't Making · 2021

Concerns about artificial intelligence and its impact on work are not new, but as more companies deploy these solutions we’re seeing decided snags in the process. One point many of these conversations take for granted is that AI-powered too…


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