Incident 95: Job Screening Service Halts Facial Analysis of Applicants

Description: In January 2021, HireVue removed the controversial AI expression tracking tool from its virtual job interview software.


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Alleged: HireVue developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed job applicants using HireVue and HireVue customers.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

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In January 2021, HireVue announced it would remove AI expression tracking from its platform following a complaint filed by the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center. HireVue is contracted by hundreds of companies to conduct employee screening through automated video and written job interviews. The tool in question tracked users' expressions during video interviews to predict certain employment characteristics. HireVue denies any bias in the algorithm, however decided to remove the feature in response to public outcry.

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In January 2021, HireVue removed the controversial AI expression tracking tool from its virtual job interview software.



AI System Description

HireVue's AI-enabled facial expression tracking software. The system was designed to detect "microexpressions" to evaluate the employment characteristics of an applicant.

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Sector of Deployment

Administrative and support service activities

Relevant AI functions

Perception, Cognition

AI Techniques

facial recognition, expression tracking

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decision support, psychological inference



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HireView, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Federal Trade Commission, O’Neil Risk Consulting and Algorithmic Auditing, Kevin Parker, John Davisson

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recorded video and audio

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disability, sex, race, sexual orientation or gender identity

Sector of Deployment

administrative and support service activities, professional, scientific and technical activities

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