Incident 678: ChatGPT Factual Errors Lead to Filing of Complaint of GDPR Privacy Violation

Description: The activist organization noyb, founded by Max Schrems, filed a complaint in Europe against OpenAI alleging that ChatGPT violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by providing inaccurate personal information such as birthdates about individuals.


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Alleged: OpenAI developed an AI system deployed by ChatGPT, which harmed noyb , Max Schrems and General public.

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Daniel Atherton
ChatGPT’s hallucinations draw EU privacy complaint · 2024

ChatGPT's "hallucinating" and making up of information breaches European Union privacy rules, according to a complaint filed by privacy group noyb to the Austrian data protection authority.

Noyb, a Vienna-based non-profit founded by activis…


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