Incident 676: Deepfake Audio Falsely Depicts Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Ordering Military Action

Description: A deepfake video falsely depicted President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines ordering an attack on China, exacerbating tensions in the West Philippine Sea. The video, designed to mislead, was promptly debunked by the Presidential Communications Office.


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Alleged: unknown developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Ferdinand Marcos Jr. , Government of the Philippines , Philippines and General public.

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Daniel Atherton

Incident Reports

‘Deepfake’: PCO disowns clip of Marcos ‘attack order’ vs China · 2024

MANILA, Philippines --- Amid simmering tensions in the West Philippine Sea, the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) called for heightened vigilance against online content designed to sow confusion or mislead the public about the issue.…

Philippines Says ‘Foreign Actor’ Behind Deepfake of Marcos Urging Combat With China · 2024

A "foreign actor" is likely behind deepfake content that made Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. sound like he's urging military action against China, according to his communications office.

The government is investigating the spread…


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