Incident 620: A Robot at a Tesla Factory in Texas Allegedly Injured an Engineer

Description: A Tesla manufacturing robot at the Giga Texas factory is reported to have malfunctioned, injuring an engineer. The robot, which was designed for handling car parts, is described as having caused a significant open wound in the engineer. This incident occurred in the context of broader safety concerns at the factory, with evidence suggesting underreporting of workplace accidents. The 2021 incident highlights the risks associated with robotic automation in industrial settings.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Tesla workers and Tesla engineer.

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Daniel Atherton
Tesla robot ATTACKS an engineer at company's Texas factory during violent malfunction - leaving 'trail of blood' and forcing workers to hit emergency shutdown button · 2023

A Tesla engineer was attacked by a robot during a brutal and bloody malfunction at the company's Giga Texas factory near Austin.

Two witnesses watched in horror as their fellow employee was attacked by the machine designed to grab and move …

Tesla factory worker attacked by robot that dug its claws into back and arm · 2023

A Tesla software engineer suffered serious injuries when he was attacked by a malfunctioning robot on the floor of the electric car maker’s factory in Austin, Texas.

Witnesses told the Information last month that the robot, which was design…

Tesla engineer attacked by robot at company’s Giga Texas factory, report says · 2023

A Tesla engineer at the company’s factory near Austin was allegedly attacked by a robot in 2021, according to an incident report filed with regulators.

Witnesses allegedly observed the robot at the Giga Texas factory pin the engineer and cl…

Elon Musk robot attacks worker in Tesla factory · 2023

A Tesla engineer was attacked by a robot at the company's Giga Texas factory near Austin as revelations mount up about the company's working environment.

According to the Daily Mail, two witnesses watched in horror as their colleague was at…

Robot attacked Tesla engineer at Texas factory: Report · 2023
  • Report: Robot dug metal claws into engineer's back
  • Report: Robot was designed to move aluminum car parts
  • Witnesses: Attack left 'trail of blood'

(NewsNation) — A Tesla engineer was allegedly attacked by a robot at a factory near Austin, a…


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