Incident 597: Students Traumatized as AI-Generated Fake Nudes Are Circulated at New Jersey High School

Description: AI-powered deepfake nude images of female students circulated among students at Westfield High School in New Jersey, causing significant harm and fear among students and parents.


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Alleged: unknown developed an AI system deployed by Unnamed male students, which harmed Unnamed female students and Francesca Mani.

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Daniel Atherton
Westfield High School Principal Addresses Parents After Word of Fake Photos · 2023

WESTFIELD, NJ --- Westfield High School Principal Mary Asfendis sent a letter to parents Friday afternoon about what she said was "widespread misinformation" that resulted in "significant worry and concern amongst the student body of Westfi…

Letter: Was Your Child a Victim? WHS Parent Wants to Connect · 2023
Dorota Wieczorek post-incident response

"AI pornographic images were circulated of your 14-year-old daughter," the WHS principal informed me on Friday. "This has been confirmed by four people, but not to worry, the person who did it is gone."

"We have it under control, the images…

Fake Nudes of Real Students Cause an Uproar at a New Jersey High School · 2023

When girls at Westfield High School in New Jersey found out boys were sharing nude photos of them in group chats, they were shocked, and not only because it was an invasion of privacy. The images weren't real.

Students said one or more clas…

New Jersey high school students accused of making AI-generated pornographic images of classmates · 2023

WESTFIELD, N.J. -- Parents and students at Westfield High School in New Jersey say students used an app or website to make AI-generated pornographic images of their classmates.

Parents recently got an email from the principal, warning of th…

Westfield High School student accused of creating AI nude images of classmates · 2023

WESTFIELD, N.J. - Reports indicate that male students at Westfield High School utilized Artificial Intelligence to produce explicit images of female students using their original photos during the summer.

"We were so mad. A lot of girls wer…

Westfield Parents Demand Action After Learning About AI Nude Photos · 2023
Jackie Lieberman post-incident response

WESTFIELD, NJ --- Westfield parents, students and community members are demanding action after word got out at Westfield High School that at least one boy from the school had created and shared pornographic images using photos of the faces …

Teen boys use AI to make fake nudes of classmates, sparking police probe · 2023

This October, boys at Westfield High School in New Jersey started acting "weird," the Wall Street Journal reported. It took four days before the school found out that the boys had been using AI image generators to create and share fake nude…

AI-generated nude images of girls at NJ high school trigger police probe: ‘I am terrified’ · 2023
Shannon Thaler post-incident response

AI-generated pornographic images of female students at a New Jersey high school were circulated by male classmates, sparking parent uproar and a police investigation, according a report.

Students at Westfield High School — located in Westfi…

AI Made Porn Of Westfield HS Students Prompts Investigation · 2023
Megan VerHelst post-incident response

WESTFIELD, NJ — Students at Westfield High School made and distributed fake pornographic images of other female students at the school, sparking concern among some parents and prompting officials to investigate the claims, according to offi…

New Jersey high school boy caught sharing AI-generated NUDES · 2023

A New Jersey high school has been plunged into crisis after male students were caught sharing AI-generated nudes of their female classmates. 

Some male students in the sophomore class of Westfield High School in New Jersey used an AI-powere…

Teen boys accused of creating AI deepfake nudes of female classmates · 2023

An investigation is underway after teen girls at a New Jersey high school discovered that their male classmates had used artificial intelligence websites to create fake nudes of them, which the teen boys then shared and circulated.

Parents …

AI-generated nude images of female students at NJ high school rouse community outcry, police investigation · 2023
Erin White, Mack Rosenberg post-incident response

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/WCBS 880) – Boys from New Jersey’s Westfield High School shared fake, AI-generated nude photos of female classmates in group chats over the summer, 1010 WINS/WCBS 880 confirmed.

According to students, one or more of thei…

What to Do About Fake Nude Photos and the Horrors of A.I. · 2023
Paul Batura post-incident response

Westfield High School in Westfield, New Jersey, dates back to 1864, but it’s been a fixture on Dorian Road since 1951. With nearly 2000 students enrolled today, the district has dealt with all kinds of issues over the years, but perhaps few…

Police Investigating AI-Generated Nude Photo Ring of Girls at New Jersey High School: Report · 2023
Mark Moore post-incident response

AI-generated pornographic photos of female students at a New Jersey high school and distributed among their male classmates has sparked outrage among parents and school officials and prompted an investigation by police, according to a repor…

Teens exploited by fake nudes illustrate threat of unregulated AI · 2023

A phone, a few photos and artificial intelligence have stirred controversy and shattered the privacy of several teens at a New Jersey high school after they learned that nude images of them --- created via AI --- were circulated in group ch…

Shocking deepfake porn images at Westfield, NJ, school · 2023

The dangers of artificial intelligence technology have been brought home in Westfield after fake pornographic images of female students were circulated at the local high school.

The images were created using real photos from social media on…

High schooler allegedly used real photos to make pornographic 'deepfakes' of female classmates · 2023

Students at a New Jersey high school are terrified after learning that one of their classmates allegedly used AI to create sexually explicit images of them without their permission.

Westfield High School student Francesca Mani said that she…

New Jersey high school 'deepfake' incident shows lack of legal recourse for victims · 2023

A high-profile incident in which high school students shared artificial intelligence-generated pornographic images of underage classmates has drawn attention to the lack of legal resources for victims of such "deepfakes."

Although deepfakes…

High schoolers accused of making AI-generated pornographic images of their classmates · 2023

WESTFIELD, N.J. (WCBS) – Some New Jersey high school students are accused of sharing AI-generated nude photos of their classmates.

The incident happened over the summer but was just recently brought to the attention of administrators at Wes…

NJ Teens Allegedly Distributed 'Deepfake' Nude Photos of Female Classmates · 2023

school community in New Jersey was shocked when images of nude female students began circulating at Westfield High School. Even more shocking, someone had actually created pornographic photos using AI images. Sophomore boys allegedly acte…

AI-made nude photos circulating in New Jersey school spark investigation · 2023
Nick Smith post-incident response

(NewsNation) — A nude photo controversy has a New Jersey community demanding answers.

High school students say they were stunned to learn inappropriate photos of them were circulating among their classmates — and that the images were comple…

Police Investigating AI-Generated Nudes of New Jersey High Schoolers · 2023
Noor Al-Sibai post-incident response

After AI-generated nudes of teen girls began circulating in a New Jersey high school, neither parents, school officials nor even local law enforcement have been able to figure out how to deal with it.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, gir…

A New Problem With AI: Deepfake Nude Photos of Girls · 2023
Arden Dier post-incident response

The sharing of explicit AI-generated images of high school students has triggered an uproar in an affluent New York City suburb and left the teens, parents, school, and police wondering how they can address the violations given what the Wal…

High School Students Use AI to Make Deepfake Nude Photos of Classmates · 2023

Teen boys used artificial intelligence (AI) to make deepfake nude photographs of their female classmates at a high school in the U.S.

An investigation is now underway after teenage girls at Westfield High School in Westfield, New Jersey, di…

Teenagers making AI-Generated Deep Fake Nudes of classmates Prompts Police Investigation · 2023
TN Tech Desk post-incident response

High School AI Scandal Prompts Police Investigation and Calls for Legal Reform


  • AI-generated fake nudes at a New Jersey high school trigger police investigation and legal action.

  • Students and faculty at Westfield High advo…

New Jersey high school rocked as students share 'deep fake' nudes of real girls · 2023

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Girls at Westfield High School in New Jersey were left shocked when they discovered boys were circulating fake nude photos of them, according to a Thursday report from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The inci…

High schooler calls for AI regulations after manipulated pornographic images of her and others shared online · 2023
Skylar Harris, Artemis Moshtaghian post-incident response

A student at a New Jersey high school is calling for federal legislation to address AI generated pornographic images after she says photos of her and other female classmates were manipulated and possibly shared online over the summer.


Teens are terrorizing classmates with fake nudes · 2023

Deepfake porn is running rampant, and a New Jersey high school is one of the latest epicenters.

Police are investigating after boys at Westfield High School circulated AI-generated images that showed the faces of their female classmates on …

High School Students Under Investigation for AI-Generated Deepfake Pics of Classmates · 2023
Charlie Dwyer post-incident response

WESTFIELD, NJ — A group of Westfield High School students are the subject of an ongoing investigation after allegations surfaced of them using artificial intelligence to create and distribute pornographic images depicting peers. The princip…

U.S. high schooler accused of using AI to create nude images of classmates - National · 2023

Parents and students of Westfield High in New Jersey are speaking out after a male student or students allegedly used an AI generator to create fake nude images using the faces of female classmates and distributed them in a group chat.


Op-Ed: Before it’s Too Late — Deepfake AI Porn and Youth Mental Health · 2023
Alessandra Kellermann post-incident response

Alessandra Kellermann is a mental health counselor, behavior specialist and owner of Gentle Insight, LLC.

Before we lose another student to suicide, let's face the mental health crisis and issues as they arise, head on, without fear. 

As a …

Westfield Student Accused Of Making AI Porn Returns To School: Reports · 2023

WESTFIELD, NJ — A Westfield High School student accused of using artificial intelligence to make fake pornographic images of female students at the school was suspended but has since returned to school, one of the victims and her mother tol…

Teen and mother speak out after alleged AI-generated photos sent around high school · 2023

A teen girl and her mother are speaking out after a high school student allegedly used artificial intelligence to create nude images of her and other girls, which were then shared with a group of classmates.

Francesca Mani, 14, learned abou…

Students are sharing AI-generated fake nudes of classmates—and there's no US federal law to stop them · 2023

A New Jersey high school has been rocked by scandal after male students reportedly used AI to create fake nude photos of female students.

Last month, some teen girls at Westfield High School learned that fake nude images of them had been ci…

New Jersey High Schoolers Spread ‘Deepfake’ Nudes of Female Students · 2023

School officials at Westfield High School in Westfield, New Jersey are trying to figure out who was behind "deepfake" photos meant to look like nude photos of female students. The AI-generated images were passed around by boys at the high s…

High school students accused of circulating AI-generated explicit photos of classmates · 2023

WESTFIELD, N.J. (WCBS/CNN/CNN Newsource/WKRC) - High school students were accused of circulating AI-generated explicit photos of their classmates.

The incident happened over the summer in Westfield, New Jersey, but was only recently brought…

A loophole makes it hard to punish these despicable AI-generated nude photos · 2023
Frank Figliuzzi post-incident response

Last week, an undisclosed number of girls at a New Jersey high school learned that one or more students at their school had used an artificial intelligence tool to generate what appeared to be nude images of them. Worse, those images, which…

14-Year-Old Becomes A Victim Of Deepfake AI-Generated Porn · 2023
Stacy Jackson post-incident response

A New Jersey Westfield High School student, Francesca Mani, has come forward with her mother, Dorota, to address AI-generated pornographic images that she says were manipulated and shared of her and other female classmates over the summer.


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