Incident 574: AI-Generated Articles at G/O Media Allegedly Diminishes Reputation of Human Staff

Description: G/O Media began publishing AI-generated articles, against staff advice, that contained errors and quality issues. The first such article, a list of Star Wars movies, failed to maintain chronological order, causing internal concerns over journalistic credibility and ethics. Staff expressed that the AI was "actively hurting our reputations and credibility" and accused management of "wasting everyone's time."


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Alleged: OpenAI and Google developed an AI system deployed by G/O Media, which harmed Gizmodo journalists.

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Daniel Atherton

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Gizmodo’s staff isn’t happy about G/O Media’s AI-generated content · 2023

G/O Media, who owns popular tech site Gizmodo along with a slew of other outlets, began publishing AI-generated articles last week, despite strong objections from many of the members of its staff, according to The Washington Post. The artic…


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